Why was Elisabeth Rioux called wolverine in high school and what’s it got to with Happy Skin Co?

Did you know swimwear and underwear boss babe Elisabeth Rioux was called ‘wolverine’ by other kids back in high school because of her unwanted hair? Crazy!

Elisabeth tells us what she thinks about laser hair removal performed in clinics compared to at home IPL laser hair removal using Happy Skin Co’s handset. Is it too perfect to be true or did she find it worked for real? See her IG post below to find out!

“If you guys have been following me for a while, you probably already know that I am a human bear 🐻 At high school I was called wolverine 👽 now that I’m older I just think it’s really funny but recently I found out a real miracle : laser hair removal ✌🏽 it sounded too perfect to be true but it is true 🤪 I started by going in a salon but I was too shy to show certain body parts (yea if you’ve been following me you probably also know that real life I’m really conservative and hate being naked in front of people, friends, boyfriend, whoever) soooooo I got my hands on the @happyskinco after they contacted me, I tried and it works for real, it’s a at home IPL hair removal handset so I can do certain body parts privately.

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