3 Easy Summer beauty hacks

1. Double cleanse!

Take extra care of your skin this Summer by double cleansing to remove dirt, grime and sunscreen build up. 

We recommend an oil-based cleanser first, following a foaming cleanser for the final step. We highly recommend grabbing our Facial Cleansing Device as it cleans 10x deeper than hands!

2. Stay hydrated

To give your skin a glow from within, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. 

Invest in a hydrating skin mist to spritz on your face to both cool down and add extra moisture to your skin. Misting your face also helps with keeping make-up in place while giving you a gorgeous dewy look.

3.Simplify hair removal with IPL

Ditch waxing and hours wasted in salons for quick and easy at-home IPL hair removal. 

Happy Skin Co is the world’s number 1 at-home IPL hair removal company. Our IPL handsets show visible results in just a few uses! Check out awesome customer testimonials and reviews here from thousands of Happy customers around the world.